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Veterinarian Serving Barberton OH

The Barberton Veterinary Clinic (BVC) is an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Member founded in 1956 by Dr. George Blind. We meet and exceed the highest veterinary medical standards because we feel a strong commitment to providing your dogs and cats with superior health care. The mainstay of a pet health program is a thorough physical exam by experienced doctors. We feel strongly that routine physical examinations and discussions with pet’s owners are the most important steps to diagnose or head-off pet health problems. At BVC, our goal is to provide your pet with the best care possible based on your pet’s and YOUR needs.

Dr. Gary Riggs and Dr. Lauren Terihay enjoy all types and sizes of dogs and cats…. and their people as well! Dr. Riggs is an American Board of Veterinary Practice (ABVP) certified specialist veterinarian practicing at Barberton Veterinary Clinic since 1981. Dr. Terihay is an Ohio State graduate with extensive experience and special interests in dog and cat internal medicine and surgery.

Full Service Vet Care

We perform all veterinarian services from routine checkups to surgery. If more is needed for diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s health issues…BVC offers many options. We are a full service vet care clinic with a complete health care program. In-house lab work performed by experienced technicians, radiographs, dental procedures, ultrasound, endoscopy, CT scans and MRI scans are just some of the diagnostic techniques the BVC staff can utilize for advanced pet care. If surgery is required, the Barberton Veterinary Clinic doctors are experienced to perform a wide range of general surgery and orthopedic surgeries. BVC clinicians also utilize laser and laparoscopic surgery to minimize pain, reduce hospitalization, and speed recovery.

Animal Pain Management

Your dog and cat should not have to live in pain. The BVC staff is dedicated to helping you pet live a long, quality life.  If your pet is in pain, our staff will discuss with you a game plan to resolve it. Utilizing a variety of therapies and medications we can work out specific treatments for specific problems. We work closely with compounding pharmacy specialists to devise small doses, special flavors, and even medications that absorb through the skin to ease you pet’s treatment. We also get great results from therapeutic laser therapy for both acute and chronic pain. We routinely utilize therapeutic laser post-operatively to reduce pain and speed healing.

Pet Vaccination Needs

Vaccinations can be very important to prevent deadly illnesses from infecting your pets. Not all pets, however, need all vaccines, and the type and frequency of vaccination vary from pet to pet. At BVC, we only want to vaccinate your dog and cat for what they need and only as often as is required. With your pet’s annual examination, we will assess your pet’s vaccine needs and only vaccinate as needed.

Contact Barberton Veterinary Clinic

At the Barberton Veterinary Clinic, we LOVE pets and LOVE keeping them healthy and happy. We are glad to discuss the care of your family member with you at any time. If you think there is a problem, there probably is, and the sooner we address it the better! Contact us at 330.825.2434. We are members of the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital (330.666.2976) so we can offer 24/7 emergency care and fully staffed hospitalization after normal hours.