Dog Vet

Dog Veterinarian Serving Akron, Barberton & Wadsworth OH

We are a full service dog vet clinic that loves animals and treats your dog like our own. Dogs are not only loyal companions; they are part of the family. Just like family members, dogs require regular health care and preventative maintenance. In order to keep your dog healthy and happy, we offer the following dog veterinarian services for Akron, Barberton, Wadsworth and surrounding Ohio areas:

Dog Wellness Exams

Routine Wellness Exams are effective at detecting illness and disease early on to start a treatment plan before it progresses to an unmanageable level. The earlier a problem is detected, the greater the chances are of correcting it. We recommend dog wellness exams once a year to keep your dog in optimal health. We may recommend select laboratory testing with a wellness exam to rule out any concerns we find.

Dog Vaccinations

There are a variety of vaccines for dogs, but not all dogs need the same vaccines. Some are considered “core” vaccines, and should be administered to all pets, while others are optional. Several variables such as age, risk for exposure, and overall health status determine the best vaccine program for your animal. Our staff will evaluate your pet and will discuss your dog vaccination needs.

Dog Parasite Control

Monthly parasite control is the easiest way to protect your dog from internal and external parasites that can cause illness such as fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites. Flea bites not only itch, but can spread disease and can trigger allergic reactions, skin inflammation, and infection. We offer effective parasite control treatments for dogs to keep the pests away.

Dog Spaying/Neutering

Having your pet spayed or neutered can help them live a longer, healthier life and help prevent undesirable behaviors such as urine marking, aggression and sexual behaviors. Spaying females can help protect them from ovarian, uterine and breast cancer and neutering males prevents testicular cancer and minimizes prostatic disease.

We recommend LAPAROSCOPIC spaying where possible. Using a scope and instruments we can spay your pet through one small “hole”. With laparoscopic procedures there is minimal (if any) pain, no incision line, no sutures, no “cone of shame”, and your pet can be back to its normal activity the same day with no restrictions. Laparoscopic procedures are the preferred techniques for people…don’t your pets deserve the same advantages?

Dog Laboratory Testing/Blood Work

We have state of the art testing available to get to the bottom of your pet’s problems. In most cases we can perform in-house testing and get the results to you during your pet’s appointment.

Dog Surgical Procedures

We have the experience, expertise, and specialized equipment to meet your dog’s surgical needs. Aggressive pain control, laser surgery, and endoscopic techniques are used to minimize discomfort, and speed healing time. When possible, we will utilize laparoscopic techniques to accomplish your pet’s procedures without pain or traditional incisions to worry about.

Dog Dental Care

Gum disease in dogs and cats is unfortunately common as they age, but it can be prevented. Bacteria and plaque build-up can cause chronic pain, eroded gums, missing teeth, and bone loss in your dog’s mouth. Look out for the following symptoms that may indicate a problem:

  • Persistent Bad Breath
  • Loose Teeth
  • Difficulty Eating/Chewing on One Side
  • Bumps or Lumps in Mouth
  • Bleeding or Red Gums
  • Inflamed or Receding Gums
  • Drooling/Thick Saliva
  • Pawing at the Mouth

Dog Emergency Care

Our offices are open for your dog’s health care needs Monday through Friday 8:00-6:00 and Saturday 8:00-4:00. If emergency dog care is required after these hours, you can rely on our 24 hour emergency facility- the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital. Metro is located at 1053 S. Cleveland-Massilon Rd. in Copley (330-666-2976) and is there to assist with any of our client’s problems. At Metro we have veterinarians and technicians on duty 24 hours daily to address your needs and help with our office’s treatment plans.