Exotic Cat Vet

Exotic Cat Veterinarian Serving Ohio

Whether you own a savannah, serval, caracal, bobcat, or other exotic cat, they all have special needs to stay healthy and live a long life. Our exotic cat vet, Dr. Riggs, has over 30 years of experience caring for exotic cats and is qualified to treat all breeds of exotic cats. We offer full health care programs for exotic cats and consult with you each step of the way to help you make informed decisions about your pets health. The exotic cat veterinarian services we provide include:

Exotic Cat Routine Exams

Routine exams are helpful in detecting potential problems before they escalate to unmanageable levels. We will discuss any concerns you have and check your pets eyes, ears, skin, mouth, nails, and listen to vitals. If anything abnormal is discovered, we may recommend testing to assist in diagnosis.

Exotic Cat Vaccinations

There are a lot of vaccinations available for exotic cats but not all cats need all vaccinations. We will formulate the best vaccination plan based on your animals breed, lifestyle, age, risk of exposure, previous vaccination history, overall health, reproductive status, and travel.

Exotic Cat Parasite Control & Prevention

Parasites can cause not only discomfort but also illness that may become fatal if not treated. We provide parasite control for internal and external parasites in order to keep your exotic cat pest free. A simple parasite program will eliminate worries.

Exotic Cat Nutritional Consultation

Exotic cats have special nutritional needs. We provide nutritional consultation to guarantee your cat is getting the proper nutrients as he was designed to do in the wild. A balanced diet is critical to maintaining optimal health.

Exotic Cat Dental Care

We provide dental care to keep your cat’s teeth and gums in good condition. Tooth abnormality’s and infections usually require veterinary attention. Regular dental care is the best way to prevent problems. If you already have a problem, we have the expertise to treat it.

Exotic Cat Laboratory Testing/Blood Work

We perform all necessary laboratory testing and blood work to diagnose potential problems. Testing is often a critical component in detecting illness and diagnosing your exotic animal so we can immediately begin proper treatment.

Exotic Cat Surgical Procedures

We have the experience, expertise, and specialized equipment required for your exotic cat’s surgical needs. Our state of the art facility accommodates your pet in individual areas to ensure minimal stress. We have experienced staff monitoring patients 24 hours a day.

Exotic Cat Grooming

Our professionals give baths, haircuts, and nail trimmings to keep your exotic cat looking and feeling their best.

Exotic Cat Emergency Care

Our office is open for your exotic cat’s health care needs Monday through Friday 8:00-6:00 and Saturday 8:00-4:00. If emergency care is required after these hours, you can rely on our 24 hour emergency facility- the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital. Metro is located at 1053 S. Cleveland-Massilon Rd. in Copley (330-666-2976) and is there to assist with any of our client’s problems. At Metro we have veterinarians and technicians on duty 24 hours daily to address your needs.