Pot Belly Pig Vet

Pot Belly Pig Veterinarian Serving Ohio

Pigs are intelligent, affectionate, playful pets that require special care to ensure they remain healthy. Our pot belly pig vet, Dr. Riggs, has over 30 years vet experience treating pigs and exotic animals. We diagnose and treat all breeds of pigs including the pot belly pig, the most common pet pig. We recommend your pig has routine check-ups from an experienced pig veterinarian to detect potential problems before they have a chance to progress into a serious problem. We provide the following veterinary services for all breeds of pigs:

Pig Wellness Exams

As part of your pets wellness examination, we’ll consult with you about your concerns and discuss specific needs of your pig such as diet. We will visually examine teeth, ears, eyes, mouth, and skin for signs of illness. If we find anything abnormal, we may do testing to diagnose possible illness.

Pig Vaccinations

There are many types of vaccinations available for pigs, but not all pigs require the same vaccinations. The vaccinations your pig receives will depend on where you live, their age, risk of exposure, travel, and if your pig is going to breed. We are familiar with all pig vaccinations and can determine the best program for their optimized health.

Pig Spaying/Neutering

Spaying or neutering your pot belly pig will help them live a longer, healthier life and makes them more docile and easy to train. It also prevents certain ailments such as cancer. Un-neutered male pigs become sexually active around 2 months old. Neutering them eliminates aggressiveness, urine marking, humping, and other sexual behaviors. Un-spayed females are in heat monthly and also get aggressive and mark with urine. We are highly experienced with spaying and neutering pigs.

Pig Nutritional Consultation

Obesity is one of the biggest health concerns for pigs and can lead to other illnesses & ailments. We provide nutritional consultation to help you control your pig’s weight with a healthy, specialized diet that will help them live a longer life. Pigs can be trained to do well on leashes and benefit greatly from regular walks.

Pig Hoof Trimming

Hooves need to be trimmed to prevent splitting, overgrowth, and infection. We carefully clip nails with specially designed tools to keep your pig comfortable.

Pig Skin Care

We diagnose and treat all skin problems for your pet pig. Pot belly pigs (especially light colored) need sunscreen if they are going to be outside to prevent sunburn. If you notice your pig scratching a lot or having dry, flaky, cracking, red patches, or lesions, bring him in for a visual examination. Skin problems are uncomfortable for your pet and may be the symptom of a more serious disease.

Pig Diagnostic, Therapeutic, and Surgical Procedures

Our goal is to keep your pot belly pig healthy and prevent illness. If your pig is injured or ill, rest assured that we have the tools necessary to diagnose the problem and offer state-of-the-art treatment. From blood testing and radiographs to ultrasound and endoscopy, we have the means to track down your pets’ problems. Once the problem is uncovered we have the expertise, equipment, and the years of experience needed to provide the therapy or surgical procedures required to help our patients.

Pig Emergency Care

Our office is open for your pig’s health care needs Monday through Friday 8:00-6:00 and Saturday 8:00-4:00. If emergency care is required after these hours, you can rely on our 24 hour emergency facility- the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital. Metro is located at 1053 S. Cleveland-Massilon Rd. in Copley (330-666-2976) and is there to assist with any of our client’s problems. At Metro we have veterinarians and technicians on duty 24 hours daily to address your needs. Metro’s staff doctors rotate through our clinic on a regular basis to assure that they are comfortable addressing the problems of our exotic owning clients.