Ferret Vet

Ferret Veterinarian Serving Akron, Barberton & Wadsworth OH

The clowns of the animal world hold a special place in our hearts. Unfortunately, health problems are commonly encountered with ferrets so a comprehensive preventative medical approach is important to safeguard their health. We are a full service ferret vet clinic providing complete treatment and healthcare. To accomplish the goal of health and happiness for your pet ferret, we provide the following ferret veterinarian services:

Ferret Annual Exams

Even early in their active lives, ferret fall prey to a variety of potentially serious illnesses. It is essential to be able to diagnose these problems as early as possible to have the best chance for a successful treatment. Annual thorough examinations give us the opportunity to screen your pet for any hidden problems as well as address dietary and preventative concerns. If indicated, additional diagnostic tests can be utilized to further investigate suspected problems.

Ferret Routine Vaccinations

Ferrets are extremely susceptible to some deadly viral diseases. Canine distemper and rabies can cause rapid and deadly illnesses in domestic animals such as ferrets. It is essential to make sure early and routine annual vaccinations are given to prevent these diseases. Additionally, ferrets can be sensitive and have adverse reactions to some vaccinations. For that reason, we only use vaccines that have proven safe in our ferret patients.

Ferret Wellness Screens

Because specific illnesses such as lymphoma, insulinoma and inflammatory bowel disease commonly affect ferrets at young ages, we commonly recommend screens to detect them before they have a chance to progress. This can be effective for illnesses such as leukemia, insulinomas, renal disease, or adrenal dysfunction.

Ferret Parasite Control

Like dogs and cats, ferrets can fall prey to a variety of parasite infections. Fleas, ticks, mites, intestinal worms, and heartworms can all be detrimental to ferrets. All of these problem causers can be easily prevented or controlled. Depending on your pet’s individual situation, various treatment programs can be used. Be sure to ask us what’s best for your pet.

Ferret Diagnostic, Therapeutic, and Surgical Procedures

Ferrets get problems. We have solutions. We utilize the most up-to-date techniques available to ferret-out (sorry) your pet’s problems. Bloodwork, radiographs, ultrasound, and endoscopy are just a few of the diagnostic means available to aid with your pet’s diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is made, we offer a full range of therapeutic and surgical options to correct the problem. Common examples include adrenal gland surgery, insulinoma therapy and surgery, and inflammatory bowel disease control. Got questions? Just ask.

Ferret Emergency Care

Our office is open for your ferret’s health care needs Monday through Friday 8:00-6:00 and Saturday 8:00-4:00. If emergency care is required after these hours, you can rely on our 24 hour emergency facility- the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital. Metro is located at 1053 S. Cleveland-Massilon Rd. in Copley (330-666-2976) and is there to assist with any of our client’s problems. At Metro we have veterinarians and technicians on duty 24 hours daily to address your needs.