Pocket Pet Vet

Pocket Pet Veterinarian Serving Ohio

Lovable pocket pets have been winning pet owners over for many decades. These small pets make great companions. Just as these pets often differ greatly in size, personality, and place of origin, they also differ greatly in diet, habitat, grooming needs and potential health problems. Our pocket pet vets have years of veterinarian experience. To accomplish the goal of keeping your pocket pet healthy and happy, we offer a full line of health care and medical treatment including vaccinations, diet & nutritional consultation, grooming, diagnostic & therapeutic procedures, and surgeries. We treat all pocket pets. Some of the most common pocket pets we provide veterinary care for include:

These pets are all masters of disguise and will often hide even severe problems. We’ll make sure your pocket pet is in good condition and show you how you can best detect early signs of problems. Routine exams help us discover potential problems and provide a time for you to discuss your concerns and/or changes in your pocket pets behavior.

Should health problems arise, help is available. We have the expertise and experience to offer advanced care and treatments. Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re not important. Any pet is a special pet. We’ll try to keep yours healthy and happy for a long time to come.

Pocket Pet Emergency Care

Our office is open for your pocket pet’s health care needs Monday through Friday 8:00-6:00 and Saturday 8:00-4:00. If emergency care is required after these hours, you can rely on our 24 hour emergency facility- the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital. Metro is located at 1053 S. Cleveland-Massilon Rd. in Copley (330-666-2976) and is there to assist with any of our client’s problems. At Metro we have veterinarians and technicians on duty 24 hours daily to address your needs. Metro’s staff doctors rotate through our clinic on a regular basis to assure that they are comfortable addressing the problems of our bird and exotic owning clients.